Merchant cash advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a revenue-based business loan that can be used to help cover most business related expenses. 

  • Funding Up To $1 Million
  • Same Day Funding Available
  • Bad Credit OK – No Hard Credit Checks
  • Flexible Terms & Payments


Monthly Revenue

3 Months

Time In Business

$1 Million

Max Funding

Same Day Business Funding

Revenue-Based Business Loan

A Merchant Cash Advances uses the monthly revenue of the business as the primary factor for issuing an approval. 

For businesses that meet the minimum criteria of 3 months time-in-business, and $10,000 per month in revenue, the approval rate can be above 90%.

A fast business loan, with an easy online application. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and same day funding is available.

Same Day business loan

If approved, simply complete the online checkout process and get funded today!

Micro business loan

Flexible payments and terms allow you to match the payments to the cashflow of the business.

Unsecured business loan

Does not require that you pledge any personal assets as collateral.

Bank statement loan

Get approved primarily based on the monthly deposits into the business bank account.

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Benefits Of Using A Merchant Cash Advance

Get Approved!

Easy Online Application

Get Approved
In minutes

No Hard Credit Checks

Once approved, select the terms that work best for your business, and get funded today!

Same Day Business Funding

Frequently asked questions

A Merchant Cash Advance is a form of alternative business funding where the approvals are primarily based on the revenue and cashflow of the business. 

By simplifying the underwriting process, these programs tend to have significantly higher approval rates when compared to traditional bank business loans. 

For more information about revenue based business loans, see our article:

How To Get a Revenue Based Business Loan for Small Businesses

Merchant Cash Advances typically offer same day funding. Our online business loan application has simplified the funding process into 3 easy steps:

  1. Provide some basic information about yourself and the business. The application only takes a few minutes to complete.
  2. If approved, the Underwriter will issue a max approval as far as dollar amount and term. Simply choose the funding amount and payback terms that work best for your situation.
  3. Once the terms for the business loan have been selected, you just need to complete the online checkout process, and the funds will be sent directly to the business bank account.

If you need funding for your business today, click here to complete our easy online application, and our Underwriters will put together some options for you to review. 

If you are looking for a bad credit business loan, then a Merchant Cash Advance may be a great option.

These business funding programs typically do not report to the personal credit, and the approvals are not closely tied to the personal credit. 

By using the monthly revenue to determine the affordability of the funding, it allows Business Owners with all types of credit, even bad credit, to get approved for business funding.

For more information on bad credit business loans, see our article:

“How To Get A Business Loan If You Have Bad Credit”

Most Merchant Cash Advance Providers will lend based on a percentage of the monthly or yearly revenue of the business. Because of that, each offer is going to be unique to that specific business.

As a general rule of thumb, the funding amount is typically in the range of 7-15% of the gross annual sales of the business. There are other factors taken into consideration that can also impact the funding amount.

For example: A business that does $500k in yearly revenue will typically get approved for somewhere in the range of $35k – $75k.

Each Lender has their own underwriting criteria and funding limits. In general, the minimum funding amount is $5,000 and the max funding limit is $1 Million. 

Click here to see how much your business qualifies for.

A Merchant Cash Advance is an unsecured business loan that does not require that you pledge any personal assets as collateral to secure the funding. 

Most Lenders will use the future receivables of the business to secure the funding. There can be different structures, but most MCA agreements are written as a purchase of future receivables at a discount. For example; the Lender will pay $20k now for $25k of future receivables. Costs will vary by Lender and the business approved.

If you are looking for unsecured business funding, that allows you to separate your personal assets from the business, a Merchant Cash Advance can be a great option. 

The information provided is general information. For specific information regarding your business, Contact Us

With over 10 years of experience in the finance industry, we have simplified the business funding process, and are committed to helping Business Owners accomplish their business goals.

Easy Online Application

Get Approved
In minutes

No Hard Credit Checks

Once approved, select the terms that work best for your business, and get funded today!

Same Day Business Funding